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TimeLines is a simple, activity-based time tracking program that runs in your PC's system tray. It is designed to simplify the recording of the total amount of time spent on various activities throughout the working day, particularly when frequently switching between different tasks. At the end of the day, simply click on the report button and TimeLines will display how much time was spent on each task overall.

Main Screen Main Features

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Doesn't take up space on the desktop - it can be controlled via the system tray

  • Activity based

  • One-click activity switching allows you to easily switch between recent activities

  • One-click phone call timing (e.g. for support calls) with option to enter details and notes during a call.

  • Daily report to show the total amount of time spent on each activity throughout the day.

  • Small - program is only 363KB when installed and does not depend on an external database.

  • Free software
From the system tray menu you can stop the current activity or resume the last activity. System tray menu
Add activity When adding an activity, you have the option to select the client and activity type from your own predefined list or enter the details in free text.
The Phone Call option allows you to start timing phone calls you receive from clients with one click. While the call is in progress you can enter the details of the caller (e.g. name, company, telephone). You can optionally use the Notes field as a memo pad.

Once the call has ended, TimeLines will revert to timing the previous activity.
Phone call timer



Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (probably 98/ME/NT4)

Download TimesLines for 32 bit Windows


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