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There now follows a non-exhaustive list of my own personal software projects.

VillaDesk Holiday Home Booking & Enquiry Management Software

VillaDesk is a Windows desktop based application for managing holiday home rental bookings and enquiries. VillaDesk allows you to record enquiries bookings and  track payments and deposits, manage e-mail and letter correspondence with customers, merge letters and e-mails to customers from customisable templates.

Please note, VillaDesk is a commercial product; however it is currently available to download as a free 30 day trial.


TimeLines is a simple, activity-based time tracking program that runs in your PC's system tray. It is designed to simplify the recording of the total amount of time spent on various activities throughout the working day, particularly when frequently switching between different tasks. At the end of the day, simply click on the report button and TimeLines will display how much time was spent on each task overall.


Ben Mason is a computer programmer from Reading in England. This is his personal website and blog.



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